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Bicycle Symbol

(As seen on cycling tracks & park connector pathways)

Letters & Numbers

(As seen on roads and pathways)

Bus Lane Line Markings

(As used to demarcate lanes for buses for peak hour & full day operation)

Raised Profile Lines

(Vibraline, Rainline & Rumble Strips)

Car Park Lot Markings

(Markings for fire engine, long vehicles, cars and motorcycles)

Road Reflective Markers

(As seen on roads either on one side or two sides)

Chevron Markings

(As used for auxiliary roads & expressways)

Road Kerb Painting

(Road side kerb or drains)

Erasing Road Markings

(Erasing existing lines, letters, numbers or directional arrows)

Drawing Road Lines

(Drawing continuous, broken or dotted lines)

Foot Print Symbol

(As seen on jogging tracks & park connectors)

Directional Arrows

(Single straight or turning, multiple directional or merging arrows)

Handicap Symbol

(As seen on designated handicapped lots) 

Yellow Box Marking

(As seen for box junctions)

Speed Humps Construction

(Speed bumps for buses and motor vehicles) 

Zebra Crossing

(As seen for pedestrian crossing)